La Crosse Area Landlord Training

On March 8, 2014, the Apartment Association of the La Crosse Area, City of La Crosse, and County of La Crosse will host the, “Success through Knowledge”, day-long landlord training from 8:00AM – 4:00PM at the Black River Beach House.  The training will include presentations on inspection, building codes, new recycling and trash policies, legal updates in landlord and tenant laws in Wisconsin, as well as guidance on adopting voluntary smoke-free policies for buildings.  A variety of speakers will address those attending and the Apartment Association is sponsoring lunch.

The La Crosse Police Department is excited to sponsor this landlord training session, along with other city departments and sponsors, said Lt. Patrick Hogan, of the La Crosse Police Dept.  “We look forward to providing training, valuable resources and continuing to build on a good working relationship with local landlords,” said Hogan.

“No matter what you own or how long you have been in the rental housing industry, you still need to be current with the ever-changing Landlord Tenant Laws and practices.  This training, which you won’t want to miss, will offer you some key information including how to show a rental property, sign a lease, comply with fair housing laws, screening techniques, how to deal with service and comfort animals and notices and evictions.  We will also discuss the changes that have come about from the new legislation of 2011 ACT 143 and 2013 ACT 76,” said Pamela Strittmater, President of the Apartment Association of the La Crosse Area.

The Training is free and open to any landlords, with properties in the La Crosse County area.  Sponsors and speakers are from Couleecap, La Crosse County Health Department, and the Police, Inspection, Public Works and Planning Departments with the City of La Crosse.  Registration is requested by contacting Couleecap at (608) 782-4877.  The registration deadline is February 27, 2014.

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