CPA: Week 1

The first Citizens’ Police Academy since 2008 kicked-off Wednesday evening, March 19th.  The 22 participants received an overview of the 8-week course, a department tour, and short presentations from the department bureaus – Field Services, Investigative Services, and Professional Standards/Community Services.  The participants also learned that alongside presentations and demonstrations by LCPD members, they will have the opportunity for several hands-on experiences including:

Citizens' Police Academy

Chief Tischer welcoming the 22 participants of the Citizens’ Police Academy.

  • Volunteering to be TASED
  • Driving a department squad car
  • Shooting a firearm in the department range
  • Riding in the BEARCAT
  • Participating in a ride-along with an officer

Stay tuned for weekly recaps of the Citizens’ Police Academy.


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