CPA: Week 5

Last week, Citizens’ Police Academy started with an interesting presentation from Captain Shawn Kudron, Sergeant Mike Blokhuis, and Investigator Tony DeLap, all members of the Investigative Services Bureau. The presentation, led by Inv. DeLap, touched on many of the techniques utilized in a homicide investigation, including victim identification, crime scene processing, fingerprinting and analysis, footprint and tire track casting, DNA collection, interviewing witnesses and suspects, as well as working with other law enforcement agencies for subpoenas, warrants, and much more. Following the presentation, we were given the opportunity to try to lift fingerprints from a piece of glass and a styrofoam cup. It’s not as easy at it looks!

After fingerprinting, Lieutenant Joe Smith and Sergeant Grant Gyllander led a demonstration of the Department’s TI Simulator – a projector and movie screen-like apparatus that work together with a computer to create an interactive crime scene simulation. The TI Simulator adapts the simulation depending our interaction using simulation weapons which allow us to “TASER” and shoot the suspects on the screen.

We were also given a chance to shoot two La Crosse Police Department standard-issue weapons, an M16 and a Glock. Prior to handling the live weapons, we learned safe practices for gun handling, being on the firing range, and shooting the weapons. Then we all donned bullet proof vests, eye protection, ear plugs, and ear muffs. Two at a time, we were allowed to shoot each weapon five times. What an exciting end to the evening!

Stay tuned for the recap of tonight’s class. We will be learning about the drugs commonly found in the La Crosse area, as well as OWI enforcement with a chance to experience “Drunk Goggles”.


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