CPA: Week 7

During Week 7 of the Citizens’ Police Academy, participants learned what it’s like to be a Police Officer in a traffic stop.  In various scenarios, Officer Jeremy Rindfleisch acted as the “Driver”, while class participants took turns as the “Police Officer”.  With coaching from Lieutenants Dan Kloss and Troy Nedegaard, we were taught what things officers look for when approaching the car; the questions they ask the driver; the various methods used to maintain control of the situation; and also the different types of reactions that drivers have, from friendly cooperation to deadly force.

In one scenario, “Police Officer” Lisa Strange approached the vehicle when “Driver” Rindfleisch hopped out to ask her why he’d been pulled over.  Lisa ordered him back into the vehicle.  When he finally complied, Lisa was so intent on getting him to cooperate with her questioning that she never noticed the gun perched in the front window, inches from his hand.  While this was just a simulation, it showed us how quickly a simple traffic stop can turn deadly!

The other part of class introduced us to Emergency Vehicle Operation and Control (EVOC) training. Each of us completed three tests – a quick serpentine drive, weaving through traffic cones, keeping both hands on the steering wheel; a straight back-up using only our mirrors; and several parking maneuvers.  While it was interesting to see how officers train to handle the squads, it was even more interesting actually driving one and seeing all the equipment Officers have at their disposal.

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This Wednesday, our final class, we learn about active shooters and the Police Reserve Program.


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