Police Officer Memorial Day – LCPD’s Fallen

Today on National Police Officer Memorial Day, the La Crosse Police Department, along with area law enforcement agencies, will attend the Police Officer Memorial Ceremony to honor our fallen brothers and sisters.  Already this year, law enforcement agencies from across the United States have tragically lost 42 men and women.  The county-wide memorial ceremony will be held today at 10:00AM at Village Park in West Salem.

In the many years since the first La Crosse Police Officer was sworn-in on April 12, 1870, we have lost three members:

  • Officer T. P. (Perry) Gates – On September 8, 1900, Officer Gates was shot and killed while involved in a shootout with three armed robbers at 3rd and King Streets.
  • Officer Frank Groeshner – On November 18, 1916, Officer Groeshner was struck by a truck at 3rd and State Streets, while patrolling on a La Crosse Police motorcycle.
  • Officer Joseph Donndelinger – On December 5, 1937, Officer Donndelinger was attempting to save another officer who had been kidnapped by a gunman, when he was shot three times himself.  Officer Donndelinger, after a five-day fight, passed away on December 10th.

For more information, visit our Department History webpage, where Retired Lieutenant Daniel J. Marcou has provided a brief history of these officers, as well as the Department as a whole.



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