Oktoberfest Dos and Don’ts

The La Crosse Police Department is proud to serve our Oktoberfest and community.  Together with our community partners, we have been preparing for the 2014 Oktoberfest for many months.  Our goal is to have an uneventful and safe celebration for all to enjoy.

To help us achieve a hassle-free and fun fest, simply apply common sense and civil behavior, and follow these “Dos and Don’ts”:


  • 3rd Street Aid Station LogoHave fun
  • Follow the rules
  • Drink responsibly
  • Stay together with your friends
  • Remember where you are staying and where you parked your car
  • Be a courteous and good neighbor
  • Be patient with people and traffic
  • Have a fully charged cell phone
  • Use the 3rd Street Aid Station for assistance – Subway lot at 3rd and Pearl Streets


  • Drink and drive
  • Drink too much
  • Disregard 1st warnings from Law Enforcement
  • Ignore traffic signs and signals
  • Do the things you wouldn’t do at home
  • Drink to the point of putting yourself or others in danger
  • Wander away from your friends

Our officers will be tolerant, but will not compromise when it comes to safety.  As a reminder, consumption of alcohol on public streets and sidewalks is illegal.  Officers will exercise their authority in warning, and if necessary, citing violators of this ordinance.

Have a happy, safe, and enjoyable Oktoberfest from the La Crosse Police Department!

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