La Crosse Police Review Use of Force

The La Crosse Police Department has released redacted portions of its internal “Use of Force Review” findings following an incident at the Rose Street Walgreens on November 20, 2014. Responding officers were forced into using a less lethal weapon to prevent the advancement of a man armed with a large knife. The report showed that officers fired one less lethal “supersock” beanbag round to stop the advances of the armed man. The suspect was approximately twenty-six feet from the officers when an officer discharged the less lethal weapon and immediately stopped the advancement of the man towards the officers.

A “Use of Force Review” is required by department policy following the use of less lethal or lethal weapons. The team found that no policy violations occurred and the use of the less lethal force was within the Department’s, as well as the State of Wisconsin’s use of force options. In the report, the team described the use of the less lethal as “textbook” deployment and likely prevented the officers from having to use higher levels of force. Three officers were recommended by the team to receive commendations for saving the man’s life.

Full document: Use of Force Review – Walgreens Less Lethal


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  1. pinkowski 02/04/2015 at 11:16 AM #

    Well done, officers and those responsible for their training!

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