CPA Week 1: Introductions

The La Crosse Police Department 2015 Citizens’ Police Academy (CPA) officially began on Tuesday, March 10th!

After a welcome from Chief Ron Tischer, Lt. Troy Nedegaard, the Director of Training for the Police Department and Administrator of the Citizens’ Police Academy, lead the twenty-two participants through the 10-week schedule.  They learned that they will be experiencing many exciting things, including:

  • Practicing common Defense and Arrest Tactics (DAAT);
  • Issuing Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFSTs);
  • Apply investigative techniques such as fingerprint lifting;
  • Playing the role of Police Officer in tactical simunitions and Use of Force training scenarios;
  • Taking part in a K-9 drug interdiction demonstration;
  • Touring the La Crosse County Jail and Emergency Dispatch Center;
  • Driving police squad cars and riding along with a police officer;
  • Volunteering for TASER application;
  • Safely shooting department issued weapons and much more.

Then, following a tour of the department, participants were introduced to the overall structure and operations of the Police Department including presentations by the Field Services and Investigative Services Bureaus.

Next week the Academy members will tour a squad car; take a ride in the BEARCAT or MRAP; utilize a laser to detect speed; and learn more about the department Emergency Response Team (ERT).  Follow us on Twitter (@lacrossepolice) on Tuesdays for updates during CPA!


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