CPA Week 8: Traffic Stop Scenarios and EVOC

During last week’s Citizens’ Police Academy, participants learned what it’s like to be a Police Officer during a traffic stop.  In various scenarios, Officer Jeremy Rindfleisch acted as the “driver”, while class participants took turns as the “Police Officer”.  In each scenario, Officer Ryan Stenslien coached the “Officers” in different things to look for when approaching the vehicle; different questions to ask; and the various methods to used to maintain control of the situation.

In one traffic stop scenario, “Police Officer” Sherry approached the vehicle when “Driver” Rindfleisch jumped out and demanded to know why he was being pulled over.  Sherry ordered him back into the vehicle and after several tense moments, he finally complied.  Sherry completed the scenario and gave him a ticket for broken tail lights.  It was later pointed out to Sherry, and the other observers, that there was a weapon just inches from “Driver” Rindfleisch’s fingertips, and “Officer” Sherry never noticed it.  While this was just a training scenario, it showed everyone how quickly a simple traffic stop could turn deadly.

Class participants also participated in two other types of scenarios including a vehicle pursuit and simulated traffic stop, both while driving a LCPD squad car.  Officer Cory Brandl rode with participants as they completed a vehicle pursuit (with top speeds of 10 miles per hour) with a La Crosse Police Reserve member driving the “target vehicle”.  After that, Investigator Tony DeLap coached participants during the traffic stop simulation, allowing them to use the lights and sirens as they pulled over the “target vehicle” being driven by another volunteer Police Reserve.

Finally, participants were given the opportunity to complete several maneuvers in the Emergency Vehicle Operations and Control (EVOC) course – a quick serpentine drive, weaving through traffic cones, keeping both hands on the wheel; a straight back-up using only the mirrors; and a parking maneuver.

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Stay tuned for the re-cap of the week 9 class held this past Tuesday!


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