Downtown Fight Leads to a Stabbing & 3 Arrests

At 12:28 am La Crosse Police were dispatched to 100 South 3rd St. for a fight in progress with one person unconscious in the road and another person stabbed.

The investigation revealed that Luke C. Morrissey (8/27/93) and Adam C. Aldrich (11/25/82) were removed from Carlie’s by the bouncers for fighting with people in the bar. Once they were outside, a fight broke out between Luke and Adam and several other people. After that fight ended, Luke then displayed a knife and threatened another male and then attacked him and stabbed him in the head three times with the knife.  This set off another large fight which resulted in Luke being kicked in the head several times rendering him unconscious.

This incident resulted in Luke C. Morrissey having pending charges of Reckless Endangering Safety and Aggravated Battery; Adam C. Aldrich being charged with Disorderly Conduct; and a third person being arrested for an unrelated warrant.

The individual stabbed during the incident was treated and released at a local hospital.

As can be seen from the downtown SafeCam video, incidents like this can be very chaotic and difficult for police to investigate. High levels of emotion, conflicting stories, and intoxication make an officer’s job next to impossible to determine how an incident really occurred.  The community investment in the SafeCam project makes incidents like this much easier for law enforcement to investigate.

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