Death Investigation Ongoing

This morning at 2:01 am the La Crosse Police received a report of a stabbing and the victim of the stabbing was being driven to a local hospital at the time. Officers responded to the hospital where Virgil R. Stewart (DOB 08/21/1976 of La Crosse) was being treated for a life threatening stab wound to the chest.  The initial reports indicated that Stewart had an altercation with Anquin St. Junious (DOB 09/14/1979 of La Crosse) and Annette L. Thompson (DOB 05/13/1982 of La Crosse). As the initial investigation proceeded, both Anquin St. Junious and Annette Thompson were located and interviewed by police as well.

It was determined the altercation occurred in front of 607 7th St. South and ultimately led to the stabbing.  The incident started as St. Junious and Thompson were attempting to leave 607 7th St. South in a taxi.  Stewart approached the taxi and an argument ensued which turned into a physical fight within the taxi. During the course of the physical fight, Stewart was stabbed. After being stabbed, Stewart fled the taxi to another vehicle and was transported to a local hospital; which is the time police were notified of the incident.

At about 2:49 am Mr. Stewart was pronounced dead due to the injury sustained during the altercation.

Investigators are still determining the reason for the initial argument; however it appears to be related to previous incidents and intoxication level of Stewart and St. Junious at the time of the altercation.

La Crosse Police are in consult with the La Crosse County District Attorney and there have been no arrests at this time. The La Crosse Police are continuing to investigate the incident.

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