La Crosse Police Announce Campaign Visit Policy

The City of La Crosse Police Department is announcing their intention to require presidential campaigns to provide a 50 percent up front payment for the anticipated expenses associated with campaign visits.

Over the last 20+ years La Crosse has become a destination for presidential candidates from both parties.  As a community there is some honor in hosting these visits. These visits also come with significant stress on city resources and staffing.  Traditionally, the Police Department would invoice these campaigns for only overtime staffing associated with the visit after it was completed.  Some of these invoices get paid, while others receive no re-imbursement. A review from the 2016 presidential campaign revealed that the La Crosse Police have 3 unpaid invoices, totaling over $10,000.00.

With the 2020 Presidential campaign already ramping up, La Crosse Police want to be proactive in this area and continue to be responsible stewards of tax payer funds. The La Crosse Police Department wants to be upfront with this information, rather than waiting until a visit is scheduled for the area and ultimately have it look like there is some level of politics involved.  “The implication of having $10,000.00+ of unexpected overtime expenses can cripple a budget that we have worked hard to maintain. Ultimately, we want to ensure that city tax payers are not stuck footing the bill for presidential campaign visits; especially considering the millions of dollars these campaigns raise” said Assistant Chief Abraham.

La Crosse Police look forward to working with any campaign, regardless of party affiliation, to ensure a safe and informative visit. We also are committed to the responsible management of city resources to accomplish this.

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