Reserve Retirement

Retired Reserve Commander Adam Wohlwend and Chief Ron Tischer.

Retired Reserve Commander Adam Wohlwend and Chief Ron Tischer.

On January 1, 2014, former La Crosse Police Reserve Commander Adam Wohlwend retired from service in our La Crosse Police Reserve Program.  Adam was the longest serving Commander with over six years in the position and over twelve years total as a Police Reserve Officer.  During this time, Adam put in over 4,600 volunteer hours including securing major crime scenes, large searches, traffic control at accident scenes, working many parades and festivals in our community, and leading and training the other Police Reserve Officers.  He led the program to its highest levels of Reserve Officers (30) and yearly volunteer hours of over 5,200 in 2011 (2013 totaled 4,460).  Adam also documented the thirty-year history of the Police Reserve Program.

Adam resides in La Crosse with his wife Sara and works as a Senior Business Planning Analyst at a local La Crosse business.  Adam also served in th military for over 21 years, retiring as Sgt. 1st Class (E-7).

The La Crosse Police Reserve program has been in existence for over 35 years.  If you are interested in becoming a Police Reserve Officer, please explore the Police Reserve Unit webpage.

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