CPA: Week 2

Week 2 at the Citizens’ Police Academy started with a presentation on the process involved in becoming a Police Officer with the La Crosse Police Department.  Once hired, a new officer receives two weeks of administrative training before starting a 14-week field training program where they ride with a Field Training Officer (FTO).  During this 14-week period, the Officer will complete five steps.  Initially, they observe the FTO, completing around 5% of the hands-on tasks.  By the fourth step, the Officer is completing 100% of the tasks.  During the fifth step, which is the balance of the officer’s 18 month probationary period, they receive their solo assignment.

BearCat Ride

CPA participants in the back of the BearCat before our short ride.

During the second part of the class, we “toured” the inside of a police SUV squad; used a hand-held laser to detect speeding; rode along with an officer while they used the in-car radar; and learned more about the Emergency Response Team.  We were even able to take a short ride in a Lenco BearCat ©, a tactical, tank-like vehicle that is shared between the County and City of La Crosse (for more information on BearCat, click here)!

Next week we’ll be taking a field trip to tour the La Crosse County Emergency Dispatch Center and jail.  We’ll also receive a K-9 demonstration from Officer Casey Rossman and K-9 Brutus.


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