CPA: Week 3

Rossman and K-9 Brutus

Officer Casey Rossman and K-9 Brutus

Last week’s Citizens’ Police Academy class received a brief presentation from Supervisor Nancy Heimke of the La Crosse County Public Safety Communications Center, a division of the Emergency Services Department.  After the presentation, we took a tour behind the scenes and learned how emergency and non-emergency calls are answered by the Dispatchers.

Next on the agenda was a tour of the County Jail.  We viewed intake, the holding cells, booking, the kitchen, and even one of the (unpopulated) pods.

To round out the evening, we learned about the La Crosse Police Department K-9 Unit from Officer Casey Rossman and K-9 Brutus.  After a short talk, Officer Rossman provided a demonstration of K-9 Brutus’s abilities in narcotics detection and subject apprehension.  While K-9 Brutus’s ability to detect and point out hidden materials was captivating, it was his apprehension of “subject” Lieutenant Troy Nedegaard that was truly amazing!  Wearing the protective bite sleeve, Lt. Nedegaard acted as the uncooperative subject.  Once Officer Rossman gave K-9 Brutus the command, his attack was swift, powerful, and unrelenting.  It was certainly something to see and definitely something to avoid in real life!

Stay tuned.  Next week someone gets TASERED!


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