News Release: La Crosse PD Newsroom

Today, the La Crosse Police Department launched its newest social media tool, the La Crosse PD Newsroom. This will serve as a first-hand news source for information about the Police Department, city, and community.

As Assistant Chief Rob Abraham explains, “In the world of community policing, we’ve found that people enjoy learning about and interacting with their Police Department through convenient and accessible means such as Facebook and Twitter. While similar to these, the La Crosse PD Newsroom is available for people to read and comment on, without having to log-in.”

The La Crosse PD Newsroom will also include special news features about community events, “Most Wanted” criminals, department members, and other interesting stories, pictures, and videos.

Visit the La Crosse PD Newsroom at For automatic email notifications of the latest posts, visitors can sign-up under “Newsroom Notifications”.


One Comment on “News Release: La Crosse PD Newsroom”

  1. Mark Terpstra 04/15/2014 at 5:14 PM #

    Great idea ! There’s nothing better than a little transparency to create good will! As well as the fact a few extra eyes certainly won’t hurt, we are all in this together!

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