High Visibility Traffic Safety Enforcement

On Saturday, March 14th, the La Crosse Police Department, along with other agencies in La Crosse County, will be deploying extra officers as part of the La Crosse County Traffic Safety Task Force initiative. The officers will be looking for OWI, Speed, Seatbelt, and other traffic safety violations.  They will also deploy on Tuesday, March 17th for seat belt violations.

The most recent deployment, February 13th, resulted in 50 citations and 81 warnings.

The goals for these grants are to improve safety, reduce traffic-related injuries or death, and to gain voluntary compliance with existing laws.

One Comment on “High Visibility Traffic Safety Enforcement”

  1. Traci Onsgard 03/06/2015 at 10:50 AM #

    Maybe instead of always issuing citations, ( which is important ) maybe using some of the grant money to reward random drivers with a free meal at a local restaurant or a gas card for obeying the traffic laws always. We always seem to focus on the crime, but not on the citizens doing their part to keep our city and county roads safe with good driving habits.

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