CPA Week 3: Tours and TASERs

The Week 3 Citizens’ Police Academy class was an exciting one!

To start the evening, Supervisor Nancy Heimke of the Public Safety Communications Center, a division of La Crosse County Emergency Services, explained that dispatchers are responsible for professional call-taking, dispatch, and support services for pre-hospital, medical, fire, and law enforcement agencies throughout the County of La Crosse.  Dispatchers take many emergency calls during a typical shift, but these account for a mere 10% of all calls which include non-emergency questions, information relay, and requests for service.  They also monitor radio traffic, administer emergency sirens, and maintain all warrants issued in the County, among many other duties.  After the presentation, the class took a short tour of the dispatch center and had a chance to see a live call in action.

Following this tour, the class moved to another area of the Law Enforcement Center – the County Jail.  Captain Steve Anderson led the class through intake, the holding cells, booking, the medical services area, and even through one of the unpopulated pods.

To round out the evening, Officer Jeremy Rindfleisch presented information on Conducted Electrical Weapons (CEWs), commonly referred to by the brand name TASER.  After reviewing the mechanics of the TASER, situations in which a TASER might be used, and overall safety, participants were offered the chance to get “TASED”.  Six people volunteered!  Click below for video footage of two of the participants being “TASED”.

Check back for a re-cap of tomorrow’s class where participants will be learning Defense and Arrest Tactics (DAAT).



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