Update: Death Investigation

At approximately 7:00AM on Monday, April 27th, La Crosse Police began the investigation into the death of a female found in the alley behind 122 and 126 3rd Street North, just south of 300 State Street.  The victim, later identified as Robin S. Krabill (DOB 08/01/1982) from Waverly, Iowa, came to La Crosse several days ago to stay with people who live in Downtown La Crosse.

The investigation determined that Robin died as a result of injuries sustained from a fall.  Based on video surveillance from cameras owned by businesses in the area, it was determined that this fall occurred from the 3rd floor fire escape stairway located to the rear of 122 3rd Street North.  Further investigation determined that Robin was consuming alcohol the night before the incident occurred, with video footage showing her appearing to be disoriented and having difficulty walking.  One video camera recorded, at approximately 4:00AM, that she was alone and having difficulty ascending the fire escape stairs at 122 3rd Street North.

An autopsy was conducted this morning at the Dane County Medical Examiner’s Office.  The findings were consistent with the La Crosse Police Department investigation and concluded that Robin’s injuries were consistent with those from a fall.

Several businesses and individuals were very helpful in determining a timeline of Robin’s actions Sunday evening and early Monday morning.  Those businesses with video surveillance cameras immediately assisted La Crosse Police Investigators and were instrumental in determining the preliminary cause of this death to be accidental.

A toxicology report will be completed as part of this investigation.

One Comment on “Update: Death Investigation”

  1. Kristina Fretto-Williams 04/28/2015 at 6:29 PM #

    Robin had a huge heart so full of love, all she wanted was to be loved, accepted for who she was. There wasn’t a time that if you were sad she wouldn’t try to cheer you up. May she forever rest in peace.

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