CPA Weeks 6 and 7: Investigations, Simulations, and Firearms Safety

During week 6 of the La Crosse Police Department Citizens’ Police Academy, participants had the opportunity to learn all about the Investigative Services Bureau and some of the techniques used during investigations.  Detective Sergeant Mike Blokhuis and Investigator Tony DeLap walked the class through a few cases they’d worked in the past, pointing out techniques they had used including victim identification, crime scene processing, dusting for fingerprints, fingerprint analysis, footprint and tire track casting, DNA collection, interviewing witnesses and suspects, as well as their interaction with other law enforcement agencies and the process for obtaining subpoenas, warrants, and much more.  Following this presentation, the class learned how to lift fingerprints and practiced lifting from a glass surface and Styrofoam cup.  Many people found that it’s not as easy as it looks!

Last Tuesday, Week 7 of the Citizens’ Police Academy, each member of the class was given the opportunity to shoot two La Crosse Police Department standard-issue weapons, an M16 and Glock handgun.  Prior to shooting, CPA members learned about safe practices for firearm handling, being on the firing range, and shooting the weapons.  All participants donned bullet proof vests, eye protection, ear plugs, and ear muffs.

After shooting, each person was given the opportunity to play the role of police officer using the Department’s Ti Training Simulator – a projector and large movie screen that work together with computer software to create an interactive crime scene simulation.  As the role player interacts with the software using specialized simulation weapons – including firearms, a TASER, pepper spray, and flashlight – the simulation software changes the outcome of the scenario.  It was very interesting to see just how many different ways one situation could play out depending on the interaction of the role player.

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During tonight’s class, week 8 of the Citizens’ Police Academy, participants will participate in traffic stop scenarios and complete parts of the Emergency Vehicle Operation and Control (EVOC) training, the same training a Police Officer mush complete.  Follow us on Twitter for a peek inside tonight’s class as it unfolds!


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