LCPD Awards/Recognition Ceremony

On Tuesday evening, May 24th, Chief Ron Tischer and members of the La Crosse Police Awards/Recognition Committee recognized Officers and community members for their extraordinary efforts in law enforcement, community service, and making La Crosse a better, safer place to live.

We are please to share the following twelve awards that were presented this year:

Officer Cody Plenge

Throughout 2015, Officer Cody Plenge distinguished himself and the La Crosse Police Department through his exemplary efforts in maintaining traffic safety by leading the department in the combined traffic enforcement of Chapters 346 and 347 of the Wisconsin traffic laws with 196 total traffic citations.

Officer Cody Plenge’s efforts have undoubtedly made a difference in preventing traffic crashes, accident-related injuries, and/or fatalities, and for this, Officer Plenge was presented with the Traffic Safety Award.

Officer Jovanna Randall

For the past three years, Officer Jovanna Randall has taken the initiative to organize Toys for Tots and Adopt-a-Family fundraisers on behalf of members of the La Crosse Police Department.

Each year during the holidays, through Officer Randall’s efforts, a significant number of toys are collected and donated to children in need.  Officer Randall also works with La Crosse County Human Services to identify a family in need each year, helping to raise funds for gifts and essential items for the family.

Officer Jovanna Randall’s willingness to ensure the continual success of these fundraising efforts is a true reflection of her selflessness, generosity, and desire to serve our community, and for this, Officer Randall was presented with the Chief’s Achievement Award.

Officer Charles Frandsen

Over the past 15 years, Officer Charles Frandsen has dedicated much of his personal time to support the La Crosse Area Special Olympics programs.  Year after year he has volunteered to represent the La Crosse Police Department in arranging Police participation in annual events, including the Law Enforcement Torch Run, Tip-A-Cop, and the Polar Plunge.

Officer Frandsen’s enthusiasm has always been infectious throughout the Department, helping to ensure successful participation in each event.

Officer Charles Frandsen’s unwavering support of Special Olympics and his exemplary representation of the La Crosse Police Department are truly commendable, and for this, Officer Frandsen was presented with the Chief’s Achievement Award.

Officer Frank Racich, Officer Trenton Bowe, and Officer Dustin Darling

On Thursday, August 20, 2015, Officers Frank Racich, Trenton Bowe, and Dustin Darling responded to a request for a welfare check.  The complainant stated that the subject was possibly suicidal.  After speaking with the complainant and gaining access to the subject’s apartment, Officer Racich found her unresponsive with no pulse and no heartbeat.

Officer Racich immediately administered Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).  With the 15th chest compression, she was revived and remained stable until first responders arrived.

Officer Frank Racich’s quick action that day saved the life of the young woman and her unborn child, and for this, Officer Racich was presented with the Life Preservation Award.

Officer Trenton Bowe and Officer Dusting Darling were both presented with the Life Preservation Award for their assistance in this incident, ensuring necessary life-saving measures were administered as quickly as possible.

Officer Cody Plenge

On April 12, 2016, Officer Cody Plenge responded to a report of an alarm.  While en route, dispatch advised that the owner of the business wished to cancel the alarm.  Officer Plenge continued to the business to ensure that everything was secure.

Upon arrival, Officer Plenge observed a suspicious vehicle parked at the rear of the business.  As Officer Plenge approached the business and observed a subject attempting to pry into a game machine located inside, the subject fled into the waiting car and drove away at a high rate of speed.  After a short pursuit, Officer Plenge took the suspect into custody.

Officer Cody Plenge’s thorough patrol tactics and persistence led to the arrest of two individuals for burglary and the recover of stolen money, and for this, Officer Plenge was presented with the Superior Achievement Award.

Officer Justin Eddy and Officer Stephen Hughes

On February 9, 2016, Officers Justin Eddy and Stephen Hughes responded to a report of a fight in progress.  Investigation into the incident led Officers Eddy and Hughes to the suspect.  Upon making contact, the suspect lunged from his vehicle and began to cut his throat with a knife.

As Officer Hughes physically engaged the subject, placing himself in harm’s way to prevent the loss of a human life, Officer Eddy jumped into action and assisted Officer Hughes in securing the suspect.

Officer Justin Eddy’s quick response to aid his fellow Officer helped to secure a favorable outcome for all parties involved, and for this, Officer Eddy was presented with the Superior Achievement Award.

Officer Stephen Hughes’ quick action, while facing a high degree of danger, preserved a human life, and for this, Officer Hughes was presented with the Departmental Citation.

Mike Keil – La Crosse City Vision Foundation

In January 2013, Mike Keil and the La Crosse City Vision Foundation launched the “Safe-Cam Project”, a plan to raise $475,000 to fund the installation of a network of video surveillance cameras placed strategically throughout the downtown business district with the intention of making downtown safer.

Through the extraordinary efforts of Mr. Keil and the Foundation, as well as the generous support of downtown businesses and organizations, the “Safe-Cam Project” became a reality when 32 cameras were installed and actively up-and-running by January of this year.  For this, Mike Keil is presented with the Citizen Award of Excellence.

Diana McGrath

For over 15 years, Diana McGrath has served the greater La Crosse area community and law enforcement agencies as a devoted member of the La Crosse Area Law Enforcement Chaplaincy.

As Chaplain Secretary, Diana has been instrumental in the organization and successful execution of the Annual Police Picnic.  Diana has also collected donations of food and refreshments for law enforcement during Oktoberfest, as well as for our annual Awards/Recognition Ceremony.

On behalf of the La Crosse Police Department, I [Chief Tischer] wish to recognize Diana for her service to our community, law enforcement, and for her continuing dedication as a La Crosse Area Law Enforcement Chaplain with the Citizen Award of Excellence.

Chaplain Mark Clements

In the fall of 2000, Pastor Mark Clements was called upon by former Chief of Police Edward Kondracki to provide his knowledge and experience in the formation of a local chaplaincy to support law enforcement officers, victims of crimes, and the community during some of the worst times they have faced.

As we celebrate over 15 years of the La Crosse Area Law Enforcement Chaplaincy, I [Chief Tischer] wish to recognize Head Chaplain Mark Clements and his role in shaping the Chaplaincy into the nationally-recognized organization that it is today with the Citizen Award of Excellence.

Please join us in congratulating these individuals!


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