Riverside Parking Ramp Construction

Riverside Parking RampThe Riverside Parking Ramp at 424 S 2nd St in downtown La Crosse will begin construction on June 13th 2016 and last for approximately one year. The upper level, and at times more levels, will be closed during construction. The immediate street parking adjacent to the ramp will also be closed during construction.

The La Crosse Center and Market Square ramps currently have spaces available. For information on renting parking you can contact the The La Crosse Police Department –Parking Utility for permit information 608-789-7295 or email at parking @cityoflacrosse.org or on the City of La Crosse website:

  • Go to http://www.CityofLaCrosse.org
  • Click on DEPARTMENTS
  • Click on POLICE
  • Click on “ + “ next to DEPARTMENT SERVICES


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