Trailer Parking in the City of La Crosse

Do you have an unattached trailer parked on a City of La Crosse Street?


If so, you are in violation of city ordinance that prohibits unattached trailers from being parked on public streets. This ordinance is not new, but with summer time here we see more violations. La Crosse Police will be warning those in violation for the next 7 days and then will be enforcing the City Ordinance which allows these trailers to be ticketed and/or towed if found in violation of this ordinance.

 Sec. 44-114 Other Parking Restrictions;

No person owning or having control of any boat, snowmobile, all-terrain vehicle, camper or a trailer for any of these recreational units, shall park such unit unattached from a lawfully registered vehicle on any public street. Unattached utility trailers shall be allowed to park on the street for a maximum of 30 days provided the trailer is parked at an active job site with a building permit issued by the Division of Fire Prevention and Building Safety and the owner of the trailer is clearly identified on the exterior of the trailer. Any vehicle or trailer unlawfully parked under this section may be removed from the street by order of the Chief of Police, and the expense of so moving and storing such vehicle shall be paid by the operator or owner of said vehicle as a forfeiture in addition to the penalties hereafter prescribed.


2 Comments on “Trailer Parking in the City of La Crosse”

  1. joanna lind 06/29/2016 at 7:26 AM #

    How can I report a violation?

    • La Crosse PD 06/30/2016 at 10:48 AM #

      Hi Joanna. Great question. You can report a violation by contacting the non-emergency dispatch number at 608-785-5962 and someone will be assigned to check on the violation.

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