La Crosse Police Investigate a Single Vehicle Accident

La Crosse Police are currently investigating a single vehicle accident that occurred on Norplex Dr. just south of Jackson St.

At 1:47 am La Crosse Police received a call indicating there was a small car on the ice of Swift Creek in the area of 200 Jackson St.  Upon arrival officers discovered there was a vehicle partially submerged in the waters of Swift Creek.  Friends of the operator of the vehicle had called the police.  They indicated they were following their friend who was driving the vehicle that was now in Swift Creek and that there was no one else in the vehicle.  While following their friend they became separated due to a traffic light and then were unable to locate the individual again.  The initial investigation indicates that the vehicle was west bound at 200 Jackson and made the turn onto Norplex Dr however appears to have lost control after making the turn.  The vehicle then left the roadway, sliding down the embankment and into the water.

La Crosse Fire Department and La Crosse County Dive Rescue were paged to the scene.  The vehicle was retrieved from Swift Creek at 4:09, however there was no one in the vehicle.  Officers and rescue staff searched extensively to locate the operator, however at this time the individual has not been located.  La Crosse Fire Department dive rescue personnel will be returning today to continue their search.

At this time identification of the missing driver is not being released.



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