3 in Custody After South Side Shooting

Shooting ArrestsOn April 5th 2017, Investigators with the La Crosse Police Department were conducting surveillance on a residence located at 2612 South 17th Street.  Investigators had received reliable information that Damon Taylor was in the residence.  Damon Taylor, who was the subject of our Wanted Wednesday Facebook post on March 29, 2017, was wanted on a Department of Corrections warrant and is known to frequently be armed with guns.

Based on the information the investigators gathered, a search warrant for the residence at 2612 South 17th Street was granted.  The La Crosse Police Department’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) was requested and was responding to the scene to assist with the search warrant when the following occurred:

  • At 5:38PM as investigators were maintaining surveillance of the residence for execution of the warrant, two male subjects arrived at the residence. These male parties identified as, Jonlazaire Burch and Trevongh Martin approached the residence, and as they began entering, gunfire ensued. Both Burch and Martin retreated from the residence. Burch sustained a non-life threatening gunshot wound to his leg. It is believed Burch was shot by a subject who was in the residence at 2612 South 17th. As Martin was running from the scene, he was returning fire from a handgun he was in possession of, shooting at 2612 South 17th Street.
  • Burch fled from the scene and was located at the corner of 16th and South Avenue. He was transported to Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center where he is being treated for his injury.
  • Martin was pursued by Officers on scene and was placed under arrest in a yard in the 2800 Block of South Avenue.
  • A third suspect fled from the residence and was subsequently place under arrest at 15th and Castle Place. The subject, Ontario Lowery is the renter of the property at 2612 South 17th St.
  • The 4th suspect, Damon Taylor remained in the residence. La Crosse Police established a perimeter and began negotiating with Mr. Taylor. Due to Taylor’s erratic behavior throughout the incident, the LCPD tactical team deployed tear gas in an attempt to gain his surrender, to no avail. Eventually, the tactical team entered the residence, located Taylor, and took him into custody without additional incident.
  • Other than Burch’s injury, no other individuals were injured in this incident.

Charges for the individual involved in this incident are as follows:

Trevongh Martin: Probation Hold

Ontario Lowery: 1st degree Recklessly Endangering safety as a party to the crime

Damon Taylor: 1st degree Recklessly Endangering safety, Possession of a firearm by a felon, Battery, Theft of a firearm, Possession of Methamphetamine, Disorderly Conduct, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Probation Hold

This incident remains under investigation and additional charges are pending.

The standoff with Damon Taylor lasted approximately 7 hours. The peaceful resolution to this situation was the direct result of the training and patience exhibited by the La Crosse Police Department’s Emergency Response Team.  This also demonstrates the importance of the investment into specialized equipment and the training of our ERT, which helps to keep our officers and the community safe.

The La Crosse Police Department would like to thank the La Crosse County Sheriff’s Department, the La Crosse Fire Department, Tri-State Ambulance and the La Crosse Emergency Dispatch Center for their assistance in bringing this incident to a safe conclusion.


4 Comments on “3 in Custody After South Side Shooting”

  1. La Cosse Native 04/09/2017 at 11:48 AM #

    This city’s sad attempts to bringing down scumbags is a direct result of its own harboring them with welfare and allowing them to sell their drugs on street corners, it’s the city’s own fault, no thanks given, none whatsoever…

  2. Anonymous 04/06/2017 at 4:43 PM #

    Good job 5-0!

  3. Mary Dillon-Bastian 04/06/2017 at 3:36 PM #

    Thank you LCPD. It sure sounds like these individuals will not be on the streets for a long time if ever hopefully.

  4. Linda Hartung 04/06/2017 at 2:51 PM #

    Thank you! It is so sad that La Crosse has become what it is now.

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