Father/Son Team Facilitate Chicago to La Crosse Drug Trade

BaldwinsThe father/son team of Larry D. Baldwin (02-18-1970 – father) of La Crosse and Larry A. Baldwin (07-28-1995 – son) of Chicago were arrested on drug charges last night by the La Crosse Police.

La Crosse Police Drug Investigators received an anonymous tip that the Baldwin team would be transporting a large quantity of drugs from Chicago to La Crosse. After gathering some additional information, Police were able to locate the suspect vehicle and began following it.  While following the vehicle, officers observing several traffic violations. An initial traffic stop was made on Lang Drive south of Monitor St.  The vehicle was being driven by Larry D. Baldwin (father) with Larry A. Baldwin (son) in the passenger seat.  K9 Luc was deployed by Officer Jelinski and alerted on the vehicle.  As the officers approached to have the Baldwins exit the vehicle, the driver put it in gear and took off from the officers at a high rate of speed.

Officers pursued the vehicle north at speeds up to 70 mph. The suspects turned quickly into the Schuh Homes on Winneshiek Road.  Once in the Schuh Home area, officers were able to use road spikes to successfully stop the vehicle.  After refusing to exit the vehicle, both Baldwins were forcibly removed by officers in order to take them into custody.  The subsequent search found $1400 cash and 64.1 grams of crack cocaine with an estimated street value of $6000.00.

Of particular interest, this is the 3rd time in the last 14 months that La Crosse Police have arrested Larry D. Baldwin for “Possession with Intent to Deliver” charges.  In March 2016 he was arrested for cocaine and marijuana delivery and then again in December of 2016 for cocaine and heroin delivery.

The Baldwin team was charged with:


Larry D. Baldwin:

Possession with Intent to Deliver-Cocaine greater than 40 grams – Felony

Bailjumping- Felony

Vehicle operator Flee/Elude – Felony

OWI (1st Offense)


Larry A. Baldwin:

Possession with Intent to Deliver– Cocaine greater than 40 grams – Felony


Note: Story updated at 3:00 pm due to middle initial error.

2 Comments on “Father/Son Team Facilitate Chicago to La Crosse Drug Trade”

  1. Groove 05/23/2017 at 1:40 PM #

    Great job! As this is the third time around for Larry Baldwin (the senior), will the presiding judge issue a stern warning to the PD for Harassment? It is hard to imagine that the dad would be facing life in prison given that many states now have a “Three strikes and out” rules for frequent-flier felons given the warm & fuzzy approach to crime by the folks charged with pursing Justice once the cops do their job. No wonder La Crosse is looked at as Club Med for crooks.

  2. Patty Wood 05/23/2017 at 12:18 PM #


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