State Police Organization Recognizes La Crosse Officers

Chief Tischer would like to congratulate Officers Andrew Adey and Stephen Hughes, as well as La Crosse County Dispatcher Jason Allen, for being recognized at the Wisconsin Professional Police Association’s (WPPA) 2018 Award Banquet.  These three individuals played a vital role in the safe conclusion of a critical incident this past August. Below is the award narrative from the WPPA that was read at the banquet:

“At approximately 5:00 pm on Sunday, August 13, La Crosse County Dispatcher Jason Allen received a frantic call from a desperate mother reporting that her SUV had been stolen at gun point.  With her infant still inside. 

City of La Crosse Officer Stephen Hughes located the vehicle and activated his emergency lights and siren, but the subject did not stop.  Hughes pursued the vehicle, first at low speed, but then the suspect sped up and drove into a residential construction zone, striking a parked car.  Officer Hughes was able to utilize his squad to pin the stolen vehicle between it and the parked car.  Officer Hughes approached the vehicle and gave commands to the suspect to stop and get out of the vehicle but he did not comply. The suspect continued his efforts to escape by rocking the vehicle forward and backward.  Hughes used his expandable baton to break out both the front and rear driver’s side windows and he could see that the infant was in a child safety seat in the back seat on the driver’s side.  La Crosse Officer Adey arrived on the scene and approached from the front passenger side.  Both Officers had their firearms drawn and commanded the suspect to get out of the vehicle but again, he refused to comply with orders.  Officers Hughes and Adey observed the suspect lean toward the center console, sit up straight and point a firearm in the direction of the officers.  Both officers fired at the suspect, ending the threat.  The baby was unharmed and removed from the car.

For his quick thinking, ability to remain calm and provide detailed information during this extremely stressful situation, we present a Certificate of Merit to La Crosse County Telecommunicator Jason Allen.

In addition to WPPA’s award, Officer Adey and Officer Hughes will receive an Honorable Mention at NAPO’s TOP COPS Awards in May.

Demonstrating great resolve and courage when confronted with this life and death situation, and for performing in a manner that was above and beyond the call of duty, we present the 2018 Award for Valor to La Crosse Police Officers Andrew Adey and Stephen Hughes.”

Chief Tischer and the entire La Crosse Police family extend our congratulations to Drew, Steve, and Jason for the recognition they received from the WPPA.WPPA


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  1. Shirley 04/23/2018 at 6:32 PM #

    Congratulations to these fine officers and thank you for all you do to keep us safe!! Just remember to stay safe out there because your family needs you at the end of the day!!

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