La Crosse Police Open Their “Tool Box”

La Crosse Police invest considerably in equipment, training and “tools” to help our officers to do their job and keep them safe. An incident this past weekend is a prime example of how these investments pay off.

On Saturday night officers went to 1201 5th Ave So. in an attempt to arrest Brett Reismann of La Crosse for a felony Probation and Parole warrant. Officers had information that Brett was known to hide in the crawl space under this residence. After making contact at the residence, Officers explained the information they had. The occupant of the house confirmed Reismann had retreated to the crawl space and officers were allowed to search the residence.  Upon locating the crawl space, officers quickly determined it would not be safe for them to enter it and attempt to arrest someone who may resist.  The space was only about 3 foot tall, poorly lit and expanded the full length of the house. Officers yelled in for Reismann to come out, but there was no response.

Office Howe was called to the scene with the LCPD “Throw-Bot” and Officer Stephen Hughes came with his K-9 partner Zeus. The “Throw-Bot” is a small robot with a camera that can navigate small spaces, allowing officers to examine areas without putting themselves in compromising positions.  Officer Howe deployed the bot into the crawl and a short time could see Reismann on the robot camera pushed up between the floor joists at the far end of the building.

With Reismann located, officers again yelled for him to give up and come out. Reismann still refused. Officers told him that if he did not come out, they would be sending the K-9 Zeus in to get him. Still Reismann refused to come out. It was now Zeus’ turn to assist the officers. Zeus entered the crawl space, quickly located Reismann, and was able to apprehend Reismann.  Reismann immediately yelled “I give up” upon being pulled from his hiding place by Zeus. Officer Hughes immediately called Zeus back and Reismann promptly surrendered.

This is an excellent example of our officers using the equipment and tools provided by the agency to help do their job safely.


La Crosse Officers help Reismann out of the crawl space.



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  1. Stuart Robertshaw 02/25/2019 at 10:35 PM #

    Fabulous – great information for the public – thanks for sharing!!!!!


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