New Details from Yesterday’s Police Investigation

La Crosse Police are still investigating the source of a call made to La Crosse County Dispatch where an unknown male told a dispatcher that he had just shot two people at his house. The initial investigation and police response are revealing that this may not be a valid incident, and the caller possibly fabricated the story.

On September 4, 2019 at 2:05 pm La Crosse County Dispatch Center received a call on the non-emergency line from an unknown male caller who claimed to have just shot his wife. The caller said he shot his wife and another person after finding her with that person in their house and gave a specific address in the area of 400 19th St. The unknown male did not provide any additional information and hung up on the dispatcher.

Initial responding officers were at the residence within 2 minutes, established a perimeter and began trying to re-contact the caller. After multiple attempts to re-contact the caller, a full tactical response was initiated for the possibility there was an armed individual still in the house. As the incident was investigated, La Crosse Police were able to contact both owners of the house, confirm they were not involved in an incident and were not home all afternoon. The La Crosse Police Emergency Response Team eventually searched the entire house and confirmed no incident occurred there.

La Crosse Police are continuing to investigate with La Crosse County Emergency Dispatch Center the origination of the call. Our investigation at this time indicates the entire incident was a fabrication.

The La Crosse Police are withholding the specific address that the initial caller provided to dispatch out of respect for the family living there.

One Comment on “New Details from Yesterday’s Police Investigation”

  1. Alice Wistrand 09/05/2019 at 11:25 AM #

    Hopefully whoever called will be prosecuted for prank call. Big waste of our PDs time and resources plus unnecessary stress on neighbors and school/children/parents.

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