La Crosse Police ERT Negotiator Saves Life

On Saturday, March 21st at 5:26PM, La Crosse Police Officers were dispatched to Grandad Bluff for a report of a suicidal subject (23-year-old male) standing on the edge of the cliff, threatening to jump.  After a brief search, Officers made contact with the subject and attempted to talk him away from the ledge.

Around 6:30PM, LCPD Emergency Response Team Negotiator Lieutenant Avrie Schott arrived on scene and began to build a rapport with the subject.  After several close calls, Lt. Schott was able to successfully talk the subject away from the cliff.  He was transported to the hospital for treatment.  La Crosse Police were aided in this rescue by the La Crosse Fire Department and Tri-State Ambulance first responders.

All sworn members of the La Crosse Police Department train diligently for events such as these.  In addition, our Emergency Response Team (ERT) includes seven highly trained crisis intervention negotiators that work alongside the seventeen tactical members.


4 Comments on “La Crosse Police ERT Negotiator Saves Life”

  1. Anonymous 03/23/2015 at 10:51 PM #

    Great job to all involved.

  2. Sherri Swan 03/23/2015 at 6:03 PM #

    Excellent save! I’m glad you were at the right place at the right time. I’m hoping that young man finds the help he needs.

  3. Anonymous 03/23/2015 at 3:48 PM #

    way to go LA Crosse PD. By the way, you guys are so lucky to have a great Chief of Police.

  4. Bonnie 03/23/2015 at 2:54 PM #

    way to go guys-cudos to all of you!😊

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