Lengthy Investigation Leads to 1st Degree Reckless Homicide Charges

After a prolonged drug investigation, La Crosse Police arrested Zachary D. Miller (DOB 09/09/1992) for first degree reckless homicide and arrested Jennifer M. Tenner (DOB 10/26/1983) for party to the crime – first degree reckless homicide.

In May 2017 La Crosse Police began investigating Zachary Miller for selling heroin. As part of this investigation, investigators were able to conduct an undercover heroin purchase from Miller.  This undercover purchase, as well as other information developed during the investigation, gave rise to police investigators having probable cause to arrest Miller.  Unfortunately, they were unable to relocate Miller to apprehend him.

On June 21st 2017 Kyle A. Bott 05/09/1989 died of a heroin overdose.  As part of that death investigation, La Crosse Police were able to track the source of the heroin in Bott’s overdose death back to Zachary Miller.  The investigation revealed that Zachary Miller personally sold Bott the heroin, and Jennifer Tenner knowingly drove Zachary Miller to the location to complete the drug transaction.

It was not until September 26th that Police Investigators were able to locate and take Miller and Tenner into custody.  In conjunction with the District Attorney’s office, it was determined that Zachary Miller and Jennifer Tenner should be charged with 1st Degree Reckless Homicide for providing the heroin to Kyle Bott ultimately resulting in his death.

Both Miller and Tenner are expected to have court appearances today.


Zachary Miller

Zachary Miller


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